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The ARS Advantage

  • Association never pays any fees for the collection process*
  • Online Status reports are available 24 hours a day & are password protected
  • Fees are waived on any account that is cancelled for reasons such as clerical error
  • Licensed & bonded Collection Agency that is closely regulated by the State of Nevada
  • Collection Manager is available anytime to answer questions and/or attend board meetings
  • Bankruptcy, Bank Foreclosure & Transfer of Title Monitoring provided at no cost to the HOA
  • All installment payments are applied with a minimum of 50% going to the Association first
  • All fees & costs are disclosed on our fee schedule so there are never any hidden fees
  • Proud to be a green company that maintains an essentially paperless environment
  • Highest standards of professionalism and value any ideas or recommendations
  • Ombudsman meetings are attended to assist with homeowner disputes
  • ARS is flexible and provides options and troubleshooting
  • Customizable reports available upon request

*Except in the event that the Association takes possession of the property or a bank foreclosure